We’re a firm founded by women for women+ offering editorial services to those seeking to self-publish and create professional-quality books on their own terms.

With over 50 years combined experience as professional editors and working writers, we’ve sat on both sides of the table. We know what it is to edit and be edited. We understand the emotional complexities of putting one’s heart and soul on paper and then handing it over to a stranger to be analyzed and critiqued. It can be a deeply personal and vulnerable experience. Our goal is simple: constructive thoughts and professional insight that elevate your work and make you shine.

From proposal to polishing to publishing, let’s tell your story.

The Madame Literary Mission

Modern history has defined traditional publishing as the status quo, and who wrote that history? (Not women.)

Our mission is to empower women+ to self-publish professional-quality books on their own terms.

Self-publishing is legitimate publishing.

MadLit Mentions

The world runs on references. We understand.

Check out what our past clients have to say about working with the MadLit team.

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